Bartolome Gomez, of the Piro nation of New Mexico

The Fondo Colonial of the Parral Archive (now online) reflects a paper and archival culture — one that valued the making and keeping of correspondence, reports, summaries, indices and the details. The imaging of this collection captures stories and drama, as well as the beauty of handwriting, creases, spots and stains. It is truly a precious gift to historians, independent scholars and to the descendants of those represented in the records.

There are many records in the Fondo Colonial for persons interested in New Mexican history, and the interconnection between Nuevo Mexico and Nueva Viscaya.  For example, there is a set of records from 1696 related to Bartolome Gomez, an indigenous man of the Piro nation, asking for lands near the lands of Tomas Chavez and near the mines of Santa Rosa de Cusihuiriachi.  Bartolome Gomez, Tomas Chavez, and Sebastian Herrera – all from New Mexico – signed documents in this particular set of documents.  (Years earlier, these men and their families had fled south from New Mexico during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.)

Bartolome_GomezFor more, visit the Fondo Colonial, seccion Gobierno y Administration, serie Minas y Terrenos, AHMP.FC.A17.018.394, by clicking HERE.

Thanks to the Parral Archive and the Hispanic Heritage Project!


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